Three Tips For A Great Spring Break

Spring break season is officially upon us! We rejoice for the time off, without having to stress about assignments or deadlines. Some people have big plans, while others want to just go home and relax. In either case we can be thankful for the days off. Here are a few tips to help you make spring break great!

1) Put down the controllersed-to-Video-Games-517x268-2013-01-15[1]

A huge temptation for us in America is to fill our free time with screen distraction. “Don’t have to do anything tonight? Let’s watch 4 hours of Netflix! Let’s play Xbox One forever!” When we find ourselves with a lot of time off we tend to turn to our screens to fill the void.

This spring break I encourage you to avoid filling your time with endless television or video games. Instead why not try something new? You could read a good book, learn a new instrument, paint a picture, or even talk to people!

By putting down the controller, you are freeing yourself up to do something meaningful. Do something that matters. Video games are fun, and TV is entertaining, but it doesn’t lead to anything that lasts beyond the immediate. Not letting yourself binge-watch a show or play hours of games will help show you how much life there is to live! The screens will be waiting for you when you get back.

2) Spend time with people 

Investing in relationships and making memories with other people is one of the most meaningful activities anyone can engage in, ever. Catching up with old friends, spending quality time with your family, or maybe even going on a date or two are great ways to make the most of your time during spring break. Don’t get me wrong, having alone time is important too, but don’t let your time slip away from you.

I encourage you to let loose, get wild and make memories! But don’t shy away from those deep, vulnerable conversations either. Whoever you choose to spend time with, try to open yourself up. You might get hurt, but you might also make a friend you wouldn’t have otherwise.

People matter. Relationships matter. Make time for them during your break.

3) Do nothing to-do-list-nothing[1]

Don’t forget that spring break is just that, a break! It’s time off! Take time to do absolutely nothing during your break. Maybe grab a cup of joe and head out to your porch and just think. In order to rest effectively, it’s essential to have periods of time with no distractions or activities.

Rest is a crucial element in leading a healthy life. Burning the candle from both ends leads to a mushy pile of wax on the floor. You don’t want to be a mushy pile of wax. Rest helps us to do the things we do with excellence, which leads to us being satisfied with our work.

So enjoy the view that’s outside your window, pray, meditate, sleep in, really do whatever it takes for you to recharge your batteries. You need to be able to come back rested up and ready to finish the semester strong!

Give these three tips a try this spring break! Mediocrity is overrated. Make something special happen with your time off this year.

By Zack Martin

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