Justin’s Entire Story

I’m Justin Lundy. I’m a senior, a video/film major, Christ follower, and most recently, openly bisexual. Justin's Pic

Now I realize I might be stirring the pot a bit by saying that. “A queer guy who follows Jesus but willingly lives in sin? How is that possible?” Well allow me to share a bit of my story with you.

I was raised in the church, and from a young age, the idea that homosexuality is wrong was instilled in me. I openly told any and all of my gay friends that they were clearly in the wrong just because that’s what I was told. All the while, I was suppressing my own feelings of same sex attraction, hoping that with time and prayer, they would go away.

Spoiler: they didn’t.

It wasn’t until I came here that I was brave enough to even admit to myself – let alone anyone else – that I felt this way, and even then, I waited until my senior year. Nonetheless, the time came where I felt comfortable admitting to myself that I experienced same sex attractions.

That small step brought me closer to God and brought me closer to understanding the gay/Christian debate better. This has been an ongoing journey, but with each step of the way, I have felt God pushing and prodding me to the realization that I am bisexual and that is ok.

Too often people get caught up on verses like Romans 1:27 and neglect verses like Matthew 7:18 – “A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, and a bad tree cannot bear good fruit.”

If I were living in sin, my life would bear bad fruit. However, since coming out, people have shared with me how my story has inspired them. Is that bearing bad fruit?

Similarly, I’ve heard stories about LGBT students who have faced oppression and injustice from the church, a body that is supposed to bear good fruit, but is it really?

I’m not saying that I’m right. I could very well be wrong and face eternal condemnation in the future, but if I truly feel God pushing me to embrace this part of myself, to go against what I have been told and blindly accepted all my life, who am I to ignore the call of the Almighty? Christianity has been and always will be a risky faith to adhere to, but that’s part of what makes it so unique and special. Having a recognition that we don’t have all the answers is part of being a Christian.

However, I will venture to say that we, as students at an openly Christian University that claims to look to Jesus as the perspective for learning, should be willing to engage this subject and try to understand it more. There are more than enough sources to support the other side of the argument that it is at least worth looking into and trying to understand.

As Pastor Rob Bell writes in his book What We Talk About When We Talk About God, “What we see [in the Bible] is God meeting people, tribes, and cultures right where they are and drawing and inviting and calling them forward, into greater and great shalom and respect and rights and peace and dignity and equality.”

So whether right, wrong, or just flat out unsure what to believe, the glue that holds us all together is our unwavering faith in Jesus Christ as the Savior of the world and the source of all hope, peace, love, and understanding. I believe God has been pulling me forward into greater peace through my journey, and I have hopes that we as the SAU student body will allow God to pull us forward into greater peace, respect, rights, dignity, and equality.

I love talking about this, so please don’t hesitate to talk to me about it. I’m still the same guy I always have been, open, caring, and loving.

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