Short Film Production Spotlight

By: Hanna Ritchey

Short Film Production (VID372), is a class/club here at Spring Arbor University open to all students. Short Film Production is a class/club for any student interested in creating a film. Whether a student is interested in directing, script-writing, acting, manning a camera, VID372 has a wide range of positions for all skill sets.

This week VID372 has their bi-annual Will Shoot For Credit viewing, where all films created this semester, along with previous productions will be played for the school. Some students like Kyle Koerner, had the pleasure of directing a film this year. “My film Safe and Sound is set in a post apocalyptic future, where the air is toxic and monsters run amuck. Our male lead is on a mission to reclaim supplies from their old shelter, with a romantic subplot. It’s a bit of a western, a bit of a drama. It has a little bit of everything for everyone.”

When asked what his favorite thing about directing was, he had this to say. “It was the first film I ever directed. I enjoyed working with everybody. It felt nice to truly work with a team and for us all to come together to make a product. To see the process from a higher point of view was nice.

Overall I just really enjoyed working with my crew.” I asked Kyle what his favorite on set moment was. “For one of our scenes we were out on a trail by the baseball field. As I yelled action, letting my crew know it’s time to record, I noticed everyone was standing at attention. I looked around and realized, the baseball game began playing the National Anthem. All of the crew besides the actors took off their hats and we stood at attention until the song stopped playing. Once it stopped, we all laughed at the fact that the National Anthem interrupted the film process.”

I finally asked Kyle why someone should consider joining VID372 as a club or credit.

“It’s a great experience to know what it’s like to make a film. We don’t go through the entire process, but it’s very eye-opening to what a real film production would look like. It’s fun, there’s something for everyone, and I think it’s something more people should try out and see what it’s like.”

All films shown at the Will Shoot For Credit viewings are available for the public on Vimeo at This fall semester viewing is limited due to Covid.

If you’re interested in joining as a club or for credit, email Clayton Saren ( or Dorie Shelby ( for more information.

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