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Sand, turf and sweat: Intramural season has arrived

By Celeste Fendt At Spring Arbor University (SAU), intramurals are not all about winning. They are recreational sports outside of the school’s athletic department meant to bring people together and grow the community.  In addition to the healthy competition, intramurals promote exercise and outreach among students, since students from all grades can participate, including commuters. “Our goal is to foster community and bring people together from different areas of campus to

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Bubble Soccer

Eight people, inside giant inflatable balls, chasing a soccer ball around and more often than not, knocking each other over and sending the other person bouncing across the floor. Sound amusing? That’s Bubble Soccer, which took place in Dunkel Gym on the 14th. Teams of students who had signed up for the event in the previous weeks faced off in

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