Women’s Basketball Team Defeated Huntington

By: Sarah Williams

The SAU women’s basketball team won their first conference game against Huntington college on Wednesday, December 1. The score was 71 points to 45 points.

According to saucougars.com, the cougars stayed ahead of Huntington through the whole game. The game was their first victory at a Crossroads League matchup of the season.

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Game highlights:

In the first half of the game, Alex Long (#32) scored 16 points. She finished with 18. Daelynn Jackson (#23) scored 10 points throughout the game. Grace Shoobridge (#22) scored 10 points and rebounded 14. Taylor Folkema (#21) scored 13 points and rebounded 12. Folkema also assisted the cougars by providing a defensive effort.

To view their schedule, click here.

Photo of Taylor Folkema provided by saucougars.com
Photo of Grace Shoobridge provided by saucougars.com
Photo of Alex Long provided by saucougars.com
Photo of Daelynn Jackson was provided by saucougars.com

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