Cougars Defeated Grace Christian University By 6 Points

SAU men’s basketball team defeated Grace Christian University on Wednesday, November 3rd at Aldrich Athletic Center in Grand Rapids, MI. The score was 73 to 63.

According to, SAU’s team statistics were 41 percent successful field goal shots during the first half. In the second, they scored 50 percent. Grace Christian University had a field goal percentage 36 percent.

Photo of Joshua Laman provided by

The game leaders are said to be Joshua Laman (#24), Trey Cottingham (#2), Tyler Kaminski (#40), and Eli White (#11). Lamen scored 19 points, a “career high” record. Cottingham scored 12 points, Kaminski followed with 11 points, and White got 10 points.

Photo of Trey Cottingham provided by

Austin Braun (#12) , Kevyn Robertson (#23) and Tyler Kaminski (#40) made the Game Highlight. Braun managed 8 assists, which boosted offense. Robertson and Kaminski both grabbed 8 rebounds allowing the Cougars a 14 second chance for points.

Photo of Tyler Kaminski provided by

The SAU’s men basketball team will travel to Lima, Ohio to face Northwestern Ohio next Saturday, November 6th. For their 2021-2022 schedule, click here.

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