Cougars Baseball Team Victory

The latest in SAU baseball.

SAU Cougar’s men baseball team won and lost one of the doubleheader games with Grace college last Saturday March 27th. They won 8-5, then in the second game lost 1-7.

The article Baseball wins series with Saturday split includes the games’ highlights. In the first games first inning, Zach Kraabel stopped Grace from scoring in the next four frames. In the second inning, SAU offense had five-runs. Third inning, Jackson Kitchen and Vincent Herschberger scored hits back-to-back. Forth inning, Herschberger ripped a RBI double and Glenn Miller scored a two-run home run. In the sixth and seventh innings, the Lancers scored four runs total. In the ninth and final innings, Kraabel earned the win when he striked out “a career-high seven batters”. Cougars won 8-5.

In the second game, Lancers scored a run in the first inning. In the fourth and fifth inning, the Lancers scored six runs total. During the game, Brant Mast scored the only home run during the game. “Landon Raczkowski went 2-for-3 with two doubles,” stated Also, Ben Garcia and Jakob Southworth threw 2.2 innings of scoreless relief combined. Cougars lost 1-7.

SAU men baseball team will host Rochester University in another doubleheader on Tuesday, March 30th. It will be at 2pm on Hank Burbridge Field.

By: Sarah Williams

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