Easter Egg Hunt Created by Chartwell Intern

Sierra Birchmeier-Salow, SAU Jr.

Chartwells intern, Sierra Birchmeier-Salow, created the Easter Egg Hunt that started after Spring Break on Tuesday, April 6th. She planned the event, hid the eggs, and kept track of how many were found.

Sierra is an SAU Junior majoring in Business Administration. She said she is interning in Marketing at Chartwell and her responsibilities include developing events and promotions. Every month, Sierra helps Chartwell do a food event. A popular thing is doing Christmas cookies during December. Since there are no foods tied to Easter, Sierra decided to create the Easter Egg hunt.

She wanted to find a way to get students “hands on” involved within the Covid-19 season. She planned the Easter Egg Hunt with the Director of Dining, Katie and Cougar Den Manager, Barbie. “So, this was a good idea I thought since you could do it outside and just get the students involved,” Sierra said.

She bought 50 colorful plastic eggs from Meijer and hid them around campus Monday night herself. She hid them in the student center, Poling Center, Whiteman Gibbs, and outside. They had put chocolate and candy in each egg. About 25 eggs also had a $5 dollar coupon to the Cougar Den. Ten eggs had $10 coupons.

She said in the four days almost half of the eggs have come back. “More will trickle in in the next couple of weeks,” Sierra said.

Sierra thinks that event will draw enthusiasm to dine at SAU. It will give students a fun thing to look forward to as they near the end of the semester.

Sierra said Chartwell plans on doing this event again. They hope to expand it and do more eggs and bigger prizes next year.

“I think it was a really fun event and definitely one Chartwell will look forward to doing again. I think it got students more engaged than we have been able to see all year. And I would say overall it was a really positive event,” Sierra said.

Have you found an egg? Share where you found it and what your prize was.

By: Sarah Williams