Pumpkin Decoration Contest

Thirty students have the chance to win cash prizes in the Cougar Den’s Pumpkin Decoration Contest.

By: Sarah Williams

Photo of returned pumpkins. Taken by Sarah Williams.

The Cougar Den is holding a pumpkin decoration contest this year and thirty students have the chance to win some cash prizes.

Cougar Den manager Barbie said she bought 30 Styrofoam pumpkins from Dollar Tree for the contest. In three days, all the pumpkins were gone.

The deadline was originally Oct. 16th, but Barbie extended it to Oct. 30th. She wanted to give the quarantine students a chance to participate. Voting will be between Nov. 2nd and 9th.

The prize for first place is 50 dollars to the bookstore, second place is 20 dollars of Cougar Cash/SAU Dollars, and third place is five dollars to Sacred Grounds.