Stoked For Dracula

John Broda, Logan Hurtado, and Tessa Horon

Spring Arbor University’s (SAU) “Dracula” production was not the typical fangs
and blood rendition some might have been expecting, according to director Trevor

The small cast, regarded as “delightful” by Tracy, auditioned in early
September and had a short amount of time to prepare for the shows that took place on October 23,
24, and 25.

While this was SAU’s third show around Dracula, Tracy said this interpretation was
different because it was strongly based on Bram Stoker’s novel and journal entries.
He described the performance as enticing. Representing several forms of sin,
Dracula’s pride and appeal conveyed an attitude similar to that of the devil.
“Dracula is the embodiment of the biblical perspective of the nature of evil,” said
executive producer Dr. Paul Patton.

Rachel Gerrild as Mina

Sophomore Zach Barber played the role of Dracula. Barber said the role was the darkest he had ever attempted, so the challenge was exciting.

Sophomore Rachel Gerrild took on the lead of the sweet and innocent Mina Harker. Gerrild said the role stretched her as an actress because she had to portray a deep amount of terror.

“The story shows how evil can be appealing, but in the end, it will use whatever it can to
destroy,” said Gerrild

Written specifically for this show, the score departed from the traditionally gothic
version. It focused on the biblical symbols seen through the righteous doctor,
Abraham Van Helsing. Tracy said he took the underlying theme of redemption very
seriously when directing the cast.

Tracy graduated from SAU two years ago with a bachelor’s degree in theater. This
was his third time directing an SAU show. His favorite part of directing “Dracula”
was the challenge to remain convincing even in the melodrama. He also found it
appropriate for “Dracula” to be shown on the weekend before Halloween because of
its chilling plot.

“The suspense will kill you; it will send you home un-eased,” said Tracy.

Zach Barber as Dracula
Zach Barber as Dracula







By Sarah Dean

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