SAU Entertainment Through the Years

Have you ever wondered what Spring Arbor University (SAU) students back in the “olden days” used to listen to for music or what movies they watched? It wasn’t Taylor Swift and Kanye tunes or Nicholas Sparks movies that many enjoy nowadays, but was instead the type of entertainment that has led us to where the industry has expanded to now.

Matt Gin, the SAU personnel in charge of alumni relations, helped “The Pulse” get in contact with SAU alumni from the past decades, 1960’s and beyond. Below, we’ve listed what they have said were their favorite songs and movie during their time at SAU.

1960’s Favorites (Mel Starr, SAU Alum 1960) “This was the decade we were introduced and fell in love with The Beatles,” said Starr.

1970’s Favorites (Wes Harper, SAU Alum 1979)

1980’s Favorites (Brian Philson, SAU Alum 1985)

1990’s/Early 2000’s Favorites (Shelby Raines, SAU Alum 1996)

By Alexa Matthews

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