New Campus Safety Specialist Arrives at SAU

By Kayla Kilgore

They walk around campus wearing proudly their blue and black uniforms with a yellow stripe across their hearts. They protect students from harm, are on call for emergencies and enforce parking regulations. They are the campus safety officers. Only a handful of souls brave this career path at Spring Arbor University (SAU), and one of them goes by the name Peter Breckner.

Breckner joined the SAU force this year as a Campus Safety Specialist. He is the head over parking regulations, students of Campus Safety and reporting information directly to the Director of Campus Safety.

Peter Breckner
Peter Breckner and his wife, Laura. From Facebook.

Before coming to SAU, Breckner worked at Davenport University. Davenport is about two hours away from SAU, where his wife Laura Breckner works in the Student Success and Calling Center on campus. The position at SAU offered him better hours and an administrative role and higher position than his previous job. It also allowed him to be closer to his wife. Now, the couple’s offices are across the hall from each other, which allows them to enjoy lunch together.

Breckner said he is excited about is the opportunity to incorporate his faith into his new career as a Campus Safety Specialist. He said his faith was not encouraged in his past positions, and SAU has provided for him a unique platform to share his beliefs with faculty and students alike. Now that Breckner works on a campus where his faith is encouraged, he says he is awaiting the opportunity to share his testimony to better the lives of those he encounters.


Stats and Facts:

Hobbies: swimming, biking, relaxing on the lake

Off the job: He volunteers as a Reserve Sheriff Deputy for his local county over summers and weekends