Black History Month

The following are two excerpts written by Spring Arbor University (SAU) members sharing their feelings about Black History Month:

I believe that it’s important to intentionally expose our community to African American culture and achievement throughout the year and not just during the month of February.  We are working to do that through various events and chapel speakers throughout the year.  During the month of February, we want to educate our campus community on the history and achievement of African Americans in the United States. It is also a time for us to recognize Spring Arbor’s African American alumni and their achievements and contributions to society and the building of God’s kingdom. –Kevin Brown, Chief Diversity Officer 

I believe Black History Month is the one time of the year where education, celebration and inspiration of black culture is a given. Black people embrace the culture to its fullest in February. For other racial groups learning about black culture may end at the end of February, if it even was talked about to begin with. However, for Black people we are always black and we try to celebrate our melanin as much as possible or even allowed. We need to always remind ourselves that we can achieve, that we are beautiful and that we are Kings and Queens, because we live in a world that tells us otherwise. Black history continues for us in conversations, affirmations, celebrations and more. Here at SAU it may seem like we haven’t done much for Black History Month, but our Black population has celebrated it every day this month in the form of community celebration and self-love. Office of Intercultural Relations wanted to take this month to educate others on black experience, but in reality we do that every day of our lives in and out of school. As I said earlier, the month may be another month to everyone else and it ends for them March 1st. But for Black people we are making new history to be learned.            Australia Smith, Sophomore Student 

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