Learn to dance with the Spanish Club

On October 14th, the Spanish Club hosted a dance to get students out of their dorms and get them moving.

By: Emily Selby

On October 14th, the Spanish Club hosted an event to get students out of their dorms and get them moving. Dr. Carpenter taught some fast-paced and exciting Latin dances and the whole event was filled with excitement and learning.

Students at this riveting event learned Latin dances such as bachata, merengue, and many more. The organizers of the event were well prepared to ensure everyone was safe and following SAU’s Covid-19 guidelines. Special candy and snacks were available as well, making this a fun way to celebrate Spanish Heritage Month.

While most students are still worried about the national pandemic, the Spanish Club wants to ensure you that they are taking every precaution necessarily to make sure that everyone will be safe at these events. They hope to host more dance events soon once things get back under control regarding Covid-19.

Author: Emily Selby

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