Brandon Durnell: Slam Dunk Your Goals

Senior Communication Studies major Brandon Durnell offers goal-setting advice and accountability.

By: Merry Castle

As a basketball player, senior Communication Studies major Brandon Durnell understands the importance of setting goals for oneself both on and off the court. He is working on a digital influencing project called OWN OCTOBER. OWN OCTOBER is an online community designed to help people accomplish their desires through goal setting and accountability.

“The idea is to create goal categories, set goals within those categories, challenge two others to do the same, and make that group of people your accountability group,” said Durnell. “The idea is to accomplish the goals on your list and check in with your accountability group weekly.” 

Durnell posted his personal categories and goals on his website as well as weekly updates on whether or not he completed these goals. His five goal categories include: sobriety, diet, mental, basketball, and spiritual. Each of these categories has a list of goals he would like to achieve ranging from sleeping at least 8 hours a night, drinking a gallon of water every day, completing a daily devotional, and practicing basketball shots.

Durnell recommends finding incentives to help people achieve their goals. Although he hasn’t decided which one yet, Durnell said he plans to donate money to charity for every goal he misses.

Durnell hopes OWN OCTOBER will inspire others to achieve their goals. “I wanted to find a way for people to be able to accomplish the things they wanted and to live a joyful life every single day,” said Durnell. “I love goal setting and, in a year where a lot of crazy things have happened, and a lot of distractions are going on, I felt it was very good timing for something like this to happen.”

Durnell feels that goal setting and accountability are important at all times, but especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“There are many distractions in a ‘normal year,’ but especially now, with everything going on in our society, we are as distracted as ever,” said Durnell. “I want to bring people together and help people that have dreams accomplish something, no matter what it is.” 

This project is part of Durnell’s Digital Influence course, and he said he is learning a lot from the project so far. “I am learning how to build an audience and get people on board with what we are doing,” said Durnell. 

Durnell hopes OWN OCTOBER will influence those who interact with it. “I hope people will join our movement and start owning life and doing the things they want to do,” said Durnell. “Own this moment. Own this day. Own this week. Own this month. Own the rest of this year. Own your life!”

Durnell plans to do online events for the months of November and December as well, so keep an eye out for updates on his website.

More information about OWN OCTOBER is available on Durnell’s website, Facebook page, and social media accounts at the handle @brandondurnell.

Students can contact Durnell with questions about OWN OCTOBER by visiting the contact page on his website or emailing him at

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