Zoom Takes the Campus by Storm

Students, teachers, and faculty alike have had many technological advances thrown their way, some without much of a warning.

By: Emily Selby

COVID-19 has changed the way we do everything. Students, teachers, and faculty alike have had many technological advances thrown their way, some without much of a warning. I asked both professors and students what they think the biggest struggles are with the added technology adjustments and this is what they said:

• Can’t ask questions
• Bad internet connections
• Not personalized
• General technology reliability
• Added time
• Lack of communication

Students are not able to get as much one on one time with their professors. There is also a lack of bonding between students and professors because it can be rather difficult when Zoom is so impersonal. Communication skills are lacking, the overall attitude surrounding the virus is making things difficult, and professors are having to take away time from their class to get everything working properly. Internet is not always the most dependable, so students have to miss class at times if their connection won’t work. Both professors and students are having to learn new programs which can add on to the already existent anxiety that a lot of people are feeling.

On a brighter note, the increase in the use of Zoom and other technology has given everyone the opportunity to learn a new set of skills that they may not have had to otherwise. While many people had used Zoom before the hit of COVID-19, many had not used it to this extent. Professors and students are having to learn how to navigate through a plethora of new changes and advancements. However, staying safe is the number one priority for everyone right now. If increased Zoom sessions are helping with that, then that is what is going to happen.

How will Spring Arbor University continue to advance and combat these struggles? Only time and experience will tell.

Adjunct professor Kayla Knapp is adjusting to ZOOM instruction.

Author: Emily Selby

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