Check Your Interim 2021 Schedule

Go through your MySAU to access your Interim 2021 class schedule.

Leslee DeRossett

With the fall semester coming to a close, this is a reminder to check out your Interim 2021 schedules, if applicable.

Just like everything in 2020, J-Term courses will look a bit different this year. They are still scheduled to take place Monday through Friday, but due to COVID-19 restrictions the classes can only be in person for a maximum of two hours at a time. Therefore, many courses will cut down face-to-face time and incorporate virtual content to help students meet course requirements.

Interim 2021 schedule runs from January 5 to January 22. Of course with recent restrictions put on colleges and the Interim term still a month away, no one truly knows what these courses will look like.

I suggest you keep an eye on your email for updates, check your class schedules for any possible changes, and enjoy this holiday season with friends and family. We have all earned it!