Student Radio Station Starts at SAU

Elizabeth Pruitt

If you’re familiar with SAU, you probably know about, the university’s radio station that plays music that makes you feel good. But, you may not know that SAU recently has started a student run Christian music station, 89.3 The Arbor. 

According to their website, mission of The Arbor is to “share the story of Spring Arbor University through student broadcasters and Christian music in south-central Michigan.”

Students of all majors and years work at the station as hosts, DJs, and sportscasters. 

Erin and Tory in the studio. Photo via 89.3 The Arbor’s Facebook page.

Two of these students are business administration and communications major Erin Scroggs and visual communications major Tory Hyde. Erin and Tory host the morning show at The Arbor from 6-9 a.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays. On their show, the two play music, give news updates, and get the opportunity to share their personal lives. 

Hyde and Scroggs both started working for in the fall of 2018. When working as a student DJ at, Hyde said she had to pretend to not be a student and was not allowed to give many personal details, as that was not the mission of the radio station.  

Now, as a host at The Arbor, students get the opportunity and are even encouraged to share about what is happening in their own lives and in their walks with God. 

“The overall goal of was to share music and stories that make you feel good. With the Arbor, we’re a mission based radio station and it’s specifically from Spring Arbor [University]. Erin and I get to be students and talk about what’s going on around campus. We get to personally share what’s going on in our faith walk and share that with people in the world,” said Hyde. 

Hyde says getting to share about her personal walk with Jesus is one of her favorite parts about working at the studio. 

Photo via @893thearbor on Twitter.

“It’s probably my favorite part [about working at The Arbor] to just be like, ‘Hey. Life’s hard. I don’t know what I’m doing and you don’t know what you’re doing, but this is what Jesus is teaching me right now,” said Hyde. 

Through working at The Arbor, Hyde has learned more about the radio industry and technology. Being a host has also taught her how to tell stories in a concise and entertaining way. 

Scroggs has loved getting to see the growth of the station and seeing people interact with what they say on air.

“I love going on the Facebook page and seeing comments from people that mention something we talked about on our morning show,” Scroggs said.

She has also enjoyed working with Hyde, who is graduating this semester. While her new cohost has not been announced, Scroggs knows whoever it is will be talented and is looking forward to working with them.

“The new group of trainees have been great. It’s been so exciting to see them get on the air and grow in their talent,” said Scroggs.

Photo via @893thearbor on Twitter.

The station recently gave away a virtual ticket to the premiere of The Farmer and the Belle: Saving Santaland. This was the station’s first giveaway and the process was very exciting for Scroggs. She looks forward to more giveaways and events.

COVID-19 has unfortunately not allowed for The Arbor to host many events, but once it becomes safe again, the station hopes to host many events for the SAU campus and Spring Arbor community. Scroggs said she hopes to have events on campus and increase student engagement with the station.

“I would really love to see The Arbor become a well known part of campus. The station serves the student body and we would love to have a more prominent presence on campus,” said Scroggs.

The Arbor is always looking for students to get involved. Undergraduate students of any major can apply for internships, and both volunteer and paid positions. If you’re interested in applying to be a member of The Arbor team, follow this link to find the application.

The Arbor can be listened to at 89.3 FM in the Spring Arbor and Jackson areas, as well as on the 89.3 The Arbor app and on the 89.3 The Arbor website, linked here

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