What We Learned From The Pulse: A Staff Perspective

Emily Selby

I started writing for The Pulse because I love to write and I was looking to be a part of some groups that shared the same passions as I do. I have gained a lot from this experience and I am truly thankful to have had the opportunity to join. I got to work with some amazing people this semester and even work as an editor, which was truly incredible. I got to broaden my experiences and take a few steps out of my comfort zone, so I am thankful for that. My favorite part about The Pulse is getting to learn about new topics and the opportunity to share my voice with others. I believe that we will only make a difference if we speak up, so I am thrilled to be using this platform to do so.

Leslee DeRossett

I started writing for The Pulse as a required assignment for my Multi-media and News Reporting course at SAU. Being a commuter, I was not aware of all the different groups and activities that are offered around campus, so it has been really neat to be apart of those and get a better look into the community life outside of my on campus courses. I enjoyed the people that I have met while writing for The Pulse. I like that I had the freedom to chose topics that interest me to write on. I really hope that others join The Pulse because we sure could use more voices and opinions!

Sarah Williams

I started writing for The Pulse to learn about journalism. The Pulse has taught me how to become a better interviewer, editor, and writer. I really enjoy spending time with fellow members and meeting new people. My favorite part is turning information into an entertaining story. I recommend the Pulse to anyone who enjoys writing!

Elizabeth Pruitt

I joined The Pulse as part of my Multi-Media Reporting class. I had been wanting to write for The Pulse for a few years but always found an excuse not to do it. I’m so glad I finally joined and regret not joining sooner. This has been a really rewarding experience, as I’ve seen growth in myself as a news writer. I’ve even found myself applying to be a reporter when I graduate next week. My favorite part about writing for The Pulse has been learning about things happening on campus and getting to have fun and engaging interviews with a wide variety of people.

Merry Castle

I started writing for The Pulse because I wanted to apply the skills I learned in my News Reporting and Media Writing classes. Writing for The Pulse has allowed me to grow more confident in my abilities as a writer. Additionally, this has been a fantastic opportunity for me to gain valuable experience and develop marketable skills. My favorite part about writing for The Pulse is having the opportunity to reach out to people, form connections, and tell their stories. Every article I write is an opportunity for me to help someone feel like their voice is being heard.