New Opportunities are Heading to the Cougar Den

Cougar Den Manager Barbie is busy baking deserts on Thursdays and planning new events for students.

Besides the deserts offered on the Thursdays of February, more special events might be offered to the Cougar Den in the future.

Barbie, during one of her breaks from planning ways to make students happy.

Cougar Den manager, Barbie, said she missed being a baker. She chose to offer deserts as extras on Thursdays because she had room on her line on that day.

She said had made Apple Crisp on February 4th and felt they went “so and so”. Last Thursday, she made Brownie Hot Lava Cakes.

“…I did 6 large pans, and everybody loved it,” Barbie said.

She chose the deserts by what she knew how to make, how simple it was, and what was not being offered in the cafeteria.

On February 18th, she will make Hot Fruit of the Forest. The Hot Fruit will be gluten free. On February 25th, she will make Red Jell-O Poke Cake.

Barbie is also planning a Care Package Raffle for March and April. She is still working on the plans but wants to award 5 care packages for exam week. When a student spends cougar cash in the Cougar Den, they will get a raffle ticket. Barbie will draw a certain number of tickets during March and then April.

“I just thought it would be really cool to give care packages. I am working on making my own cocoa bombs so I will be making… some cocoa bombs for that,” Barbie said.

Barbie is going to ask around and Google other things to include in the packages.

Along with planning the raffle, she is working on her own deep-fried Mac n Cheese. She’s planning on adding this as an appetizer for Cougar Cash.

Comment below with what you think should be in a care package.

By: Sarah Williams

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