Why You Should Join the Pulse: A Staff Perspective by Sarah Williams

Why should you consider joining the Pulse? Staff writer, Sarah Williams, gives a few reasons why.

Image of me!

You should join the Pulse for all the wonderful opportunities it provides! The Pulse can give students experience in writing, editing, photography, and more. Since the club is student led, members can experience leadership and responsibility and know that all the club’s accomplishments are because of their hard work. This makes the Pulse look great on a resume. Students don’t need to join with previous experience, the other members help teach newcomers and provide a fun environment during meetings.

Fellow member’s voices are very important to the Pulse. Everyone is encouraged to give their opinions, ideas, or ask for help. When I joined, I was a bit anti-social and quiet. I was encouraged to give my thoughts during meetings. After so many interviews with sources, I grew confident in using my voice. I know I can do stories on topics I feel are important. The Pulse helped me to feel like I was being heard.

The Pulse has offered me opportunities that I might not have had otherwise. I have always been interested in writing fiction, but I fell in love with writing non-fiction pieces after joining the Pulse. The experience of being a campus news reporter has made me consider the career of a journalist after graduating. The Pulse is always finding new ways to surprise me!

By: Sarah Williams

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