Women’s History Month: Empowering Women

Jenna Spek, the Resident Director of Lowell Hall, shares what Women’s History Month means to her.

March is Women’s History Month. It is a time dedicated to honoring women and their contributions to American history.

Women’s History Month originated as a week-long celebration of women in history in 1978. In 1987, Congress designated the month of March to celebrate women of history. Jenna Spek, the Resident Director of Lowell Hall, shares what Women’s History Month means to her.

“I think it’s important to celebrate everyone all the time,” said Spek. “Celebrating and advocating for all humans is important, but it’s also important to set aside time to celebrate certain groups specifically.”

“All humanity gets to celebrate each other all the time, but this month we’re focusing on women,” said Spek. “We’re getting a chance to reflect on the boldness of women in history and their ability to wholeheartedly pursue their gifts and abilities.”

Women’s History Month ties into Spek’s overarching theme for Lowell Hall. “My theme for Lowell this year is that no one is you, and that is your power,” said Spek. “During Women’s History Month, we will focus on real women in history who embraced that no one was them and understood that it was their power.”

Spek believes this month is an opportunity to simultaneously empower and be empowered by women. “I believe that everyone has a unique purpose, power, and value,” said Spek. “It’s empowering to look at women in history and see how they were able to apply their unique passions and purposes.”

“This month, I hope the girls of SAU celebrate women in history and how it reflects them and their unique passions and purposes,” said Spek. “I also hope that everyone can feel empowered by looking at what humans have done, especially as we celebrate women’s accomplishments this month.”

Spek highlighted that Women’s History Month is right after Black History Month in the calendar. “It’s awesome that Women’s History Month piggybacks Black History Month,” said Spek. “It allows us to especially focus on, celebrate, and honor women of color.”

Spek also acknowledged that the COVID-19 pandemic has given her a new perspective on Women’s History Month. “We’ve gone through trying seasons and had to overcome difficult things,” said Spek. “Celebrating Women’s History Month is encouraging because we get to see how women of history have persevered, overcome hardships, and drew strength from their resiliency.”

To Spek, Women’s History Month is an opportunity to learn from the past. “It is a beautiful opportunity to reflect on the past, said Spek. “And the future is something we get to dream about.” This month is an opportunity for our campus to honor and celebrate the accomplishments of women in history, so keep an eye out for upcoming events on the SAU App.

By: Merry Castle

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