PorchFest 2021: Comedy Meets Inclusivity

PorchFest 2021 is quickly approaching. This longstanding campus tradition, the comic event formerly organized by the late Ormston Hall, will be hosted by Andrews Hall on Wednesday, May 5, from 7-9 pm on the plaza.

PorchFest is a unique amalgamation of humor, emotion, and randomness that highlights the comedic abilities of our students and community. Typically, PorchFest includes comical skits, couches, and hotdogs.

This year, PorchFest will look a little different. This time around, auditions for hosts and comedy sketches have been opened to the women of Lowell and Gainey.

David Breyette, the Andrews Resident Director, opened up about this change. “PorchFest has traditionally been headlined and stacked with Andrews guys,” said Breyette, the Andrews Resident Director. “We believe the show will be improved with more students and areas represented.”

This shift allows a male-dominated event to be more inclusive. “I would love to see students from across campus represented throughout the show,” said Breyette. “This is your time to shine, or at least have a good time.” 

PorchFest is happening Wednesday, May 5, from 7-9 pm on the plaza. Since the event is outside, students will need to bring their own seating. Students should keep an eye on the SAU app for updates and signups as the event draws closer.

By: Merry Castle