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Diversity, the Indigenous and the Limits of Being Human

By Taylor Reed It’s impossible to say how many cultures there are on Earth. Lines of division blur, the sheer number of people groups make accuracy impossible and the dynamic nature of societies presents a moving target. What can be said, however, is that distinct social systems are disappearing as trends in globalization indicate shifts toward homogenization. Which is progress, right? A simpler

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Standardized Protests

THE INTRO In school there was nothing I hated more than standardized testing. They took up a bunch of time, were boring and stressed me out. I always figured standardized tests were just a part of school life and colleges needed the scores to properly judge where people were at academically, so I just went along with it and only

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Long boarding 101

  As the weather warms, we’re all looking for excuses to be outside, one great one is long boarding. Now, I’m going to be honest with you: I didn’t learn how to long board until last summer and it was not an easy thing to do, but if an uncoordinated nerd like me can learn, I have faith that you

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