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Chemistry and the fingerprints of God: How new chemistry professor found SAU

By Caralyn Geyer For college students, it can be typical to wonder, “How in the world did I get here?” Many students question life and seek answers to thought-provoking questions, searching for purpose and meaning throughout those first few years. It can leave many students asking themselves, “Does anyone else feel the way that I do?” Michael Nydegger asked himself these same questions as a college student at Southwest State University in Minnesota. Looking back, he said he never would have pictured

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New Microbiology Lab: Weatherwax Foundation Sponsors Upgrade

By Nathaniel Salsbury The Department of Biology and Chemistry upgraded one of its labs in Whiteman-Gibbs over the summer to create a more modern environment thanks to donors and a grant. Spring Arbor University (SAU) decided a renovation was needed because Whiteman-Gibbs was built nearly 50 years ago. “The facilities are older than I would like and so I’m rejoicing that we have a

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