mcdon[1]Our choice of dining areas here at SAU are pretty limited. There’s the DC, Ada’s Kitchen, and the Cougar Den on campus, along with Marino’s Pizza nearby. If people are willing to make a bit of a drive and spend some money, then there are restaurants in Jackson but that’s an entire trip. So where do people go if they want a quick, relatively cheap bite to eat? McDonalds.

The golden arches can be hard to resist when you’ve got a case of the late night munchies, but it’s not up for debate that a lot of the options aren’t particularly healthy. So what would you do if you wanted to get a snack, but not clog up your arteries with a Big Mac meal? Here are a few suggestions.

Order grilled

Most of the chicken-based items on the menu have two options. You can get the chicken “crispy,” which is easily translated to breaded and fried, or you could get it grilled. The default for most people is the crispy version, although if you’re trying to watch what you eat it’s not a good default. The breading adds unnecessary carbs and fat, when you could just as easily enjoy the same meal without it.

Get Protein

It’s no secret that protein is something that helps keep us full. If you’re grabbing a snack, or even a full meal at McDonalds, make sure to get some protein in you. It’ll make you stay full longer, saving you another trip to the golden arches. Both your stomach and your wallet will be thanking you.

Fruits and Veggies

It should come as no surprise that ordering a salad will be healthier for you than a deep fried meal deluxe. Making sure that what you’re ordering includes some fruits and vegetables is a definite way to have a healthier meal. You’ll feel better having eaten it too. And who knows, you might end up with strawberry-based super powers!

Soda So-don’t

Unless you’re dying of thirst in the Sahara Desert, you will never actually need a large soda. The extra sugar and caffeine isn’t a nice combo for your body, and as tempting as it is it’s not the best option. Ask for a water, or if you want some flavor get an iced tea.

The fun part is that these rules work for any kind of eating place. Even in the DC, if you want to try turning over a new leaf for spring or already try to eat healthy, these rules can help keep you on track. Eating filling, balanced meals is a key part of staying healthy, and your body will definitely appreciate the good nutrients you’re giving it.

Of course, if you’re really trying to be healthy it’s probably best to avoid fast food altogether. But the location is very prime, especially for Ormston guys and Muffit girls. But if you really need something to eat and there’s no other place open, keep these rules in mind.

By Evan Roberts

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