Best Ice Cream Rankings

Spring Arbor University students sometimes need to splurge on a sweet treat or two after a hard week of studying. If you are ever craving ice cream (well, ice cream that is actually made with milk), stop by one of these places!

I ordered small vanilla bowls or cones at the following locations: Frosty King, The Parlour, and Sweet Scoops (formally known as Maggie Moo’s). The ice cream was then ranked by its flavor and value (amount of ice cream received versus price). The location was also rated.

Frosty King

ice creamLocated in Horton, MI, Frosty King is approximately 8 minutes (6.1 miles) driving distance from our campus. It is an outdoor-seating-only stop on the road with a drive through. It serves ice cream, shakes, other desserts, hamburgers, french fries and other snacks. Although there are few other reasons for SAU students to venture into Horton, the cheap prices and bountiful portions are worth the trip.

I ordered a small soft serve cone for $2.00 (pictured right). The amount of ice cream was significantly more than I expected and it filled the entire cone. However, the quality of the ice cream was not as pleasing as the quantity. This cone is able to inexpensively satisfy a craving, but it is not necessarily something that I would pay more than $2.00 for. (Quick side note: their shakes are delicious!)

rating 1

Best for: The location is close enough to bike to (you’ll burn off those calories in the process) and the amount of ice cream received is generous. It could be great for a late spring Saturday afternoon. Also, show a student ID on Wednesday and receive 10% off!

The Parlour

This Jackson landmark is approximately 13 minutes (7.8 miles) away from campus. It lives up to its name with its old time ice cream parlour environment and it also has a takeout option. The menu includes both dessert and dinner items.

ice cream 2

“What do you call an instructor at the parlour? A sundae school teacher”

I ordered a small vanilla cone for $2.99 plus tax. The hard serve ice cream was significantly richer than I expected and it filled up the majority of the cone. Although I payed more money for less ice cream, the taste and experience made it worth it.

rating 2

Best for: This classic is perfect if you want to go somewhere unique without going somewhere far away. I would suggest skipping the vanilla and trying one of their signature creations.

Sweet Scoops

Jackson’s local Maggie Moo’s has recently become independent and acquired the name Sweet Scoops. Although they are still in the process of rebranding, they haven’t let that affect their ice cream! This location is 10.2 miles (14 minutes) away from campus and it’s the perfect place to go after your latest Target run.

ice cream 3

I ordered a small bowl of cold stone style vanilla (3 oz) for $2.30. Although this did seem a bit pricy, the ice cream itself is so creamy and they do allow their customers unlimited mix-ins, like chocolate chips or strawberries. Their menu is primarily dessert oriented, including both yogurt and lactose free ice cream.

rating 3

Best for: This location is great for catching up with a friend! The ice cream is delicious and the environment is extremely inviting.

Is your favorite local ice cream shop missing? Let us know in the comment section!

By Courtney Applebee

Photos by Jacob Fisher

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