Roommates Choose Each Others Outfits: Day 2

Three Spring Arbor University (SAU) students decided to let their roommates pick their outfits for this week. Naturally, “The Pulse” is tagging along to see what happens. If you haven’t read the introduction post yet, click here to do so!

Day 2: A Casual Look



While yesterday brought the anxiety that comes with wearing something  you wouldn’t typically wear, today I was totally comfortable. Jessica and I have totally different styles. For this reason, I was nervous about her choosing my outfit. Don’t get me wrong, I totally trust her, I was just a little nervous. To my relief, Jessica selected dark blue skinny jeans (which I decided to cuff), a tan t-shirt, and a cozy grey cardigan. I had to laugh as Jessica was looking through my closet because she had to ask where my grey cardigan was. I asked which one, she sheepishly said the one she wore last week. In the harsh fluorescent lighting found in SAU residence halls, I wasn’t sure how I felt about the tan shirt with a darker grey cardigan. However, once I saw the clothes in better lighting, I liked the color match a lot more. Overall, I would say that today was another successful day trusting someone else with me clothing choices.




You know that piece of clothing that you never wear? The one that is stuffed in the back corner of your closet and hasn’t seen the light of day in some time, but you swear you’ll either wear it or give it away soon? Yeah? Well, Bekah found said piece of clothing and thanks to this experiment, I’m now wearing it.

While I don’t hate the outfit, because contrary to what Bekah thinks I really don’t, I wouldn’t go so far as to say I love it either. It matches and on anyone else, I’d think it was cute. Really, I would. But on me? I’m just not into the color or style.

I will say, however, that because I haven’t worn it since…high school?, wearing it now has brought back a lot of good memories. For instance, I can clearly remember sitting in class senior year while wearing this shirt, and hearing a buzzing sound only to look up to see my best friend shaving in class. I mean like full on out, has an electric shaver and is going to town on his neck and face. I still don’t understand what was going through his mind in that moment, but the point is that I had forgotten about it until I put this shirt on again.

Overall, while I think the outfit is cute, it’s just not my style. But hey, props to Bekah for being creative and showing me that getting outside of my comfort zone is okay – in fact, it’s really great.



FullSizeRender(1)Bri’s inspiration for today was 90’s grunge. I’d say she nailed it. I may have been the only one on campus wearing purple lipstick, but how can you do 90’s grunge without dark lips? I’m glad Bri chose a top knot for my hairstyle because I love them. I would have probably worn yogas, but the green pants are one of my more comfy pairs of jeans, so bless her for choosing those. Unfortunately, I usually always make a mess of myself while eating, so white doesn’t stay white for long. I got sauce from my sesame chicken on the front of Bri’s white t-shirt (sorry, Bri). I loved this outfit, thought, and probably would have picked it out myself.

By Bekah Kinney, Bri Loomis and Jessica Tower

Edited by Amber Cekander

So far, so good! The first two days were relatively tame, but there’s still plenty of days to go!

*all photos provided by the participants and used with permission*