Roommates Choose Each Others Outfits

Recently, a Buzzfeed video was posted where a couple chose the others outfits for an entire week. The outfit, shoes, makeup and hairstyle were all decided by one half of the couple, the other didn’t get a say.

A group of Spring Arbor University (SAU) students decided to try the experiment for themselves and “The Pulse” will be following their journey. We’ll post an update at the end of every day so you can follow along as well!

Meet the students!

This is Bekah.


“I love jeans, boots or sandals and cardigans. I like to keep things fairly simple with an emphasis on staying warm.”

Meet Bri.


According to Bri, her style is “black jeans and lots of blazers. Occasionally, I’ll mix things up with a dress or skirt. To quote Jess, “You dress librarian-chic.””

And last but not least, Jess.


“Usually you can find me in an oversized sweater and leggings. I keep my style pretty simple and most of my clothes are very neutral.”

By Bekah Kinney, Bri Loomis and Jessica Tower

Edited by Amber Cekander

What happens when you relinquish ownership of your wardrobe? We’ll be posting every day to let you know!

*all photos are provided by the participants and used with permission*



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