Roommates Choose Each Others Outfits: Day 4

Three Spring Arbor University (SAU) students decided to let their roommates pick their outfits for this week. Naturally, “The Pulse” is tagging along to see what happens. If you haven’t read the introduction post yet, click here to do so!

Day 4: Dressy



There’s really not too much to report on today (which is probably a good thing). The dress that Jessica picked out for me today was one that I bought, loved and proceeded to wear only three times in almost two years. It was nice to wear something that I really like but never wear. I am sure that I will wear it more often now that I remember how much I like it. My only complaint for today is that I miss pants. Like a lot. I’m excited to see what tomorrow has in store!




I was really nervous about what Bekah’s idea of dressy would entail. Would I have to wear another dress? Or even worse, heels? Trust me, I look like a baby giraffe trying to walk for the first time when I wear heels and I was hoping – no, praying  Bekah wouldn’t put me in them.

We’ve dressed up all week and quite frankly, I miss my black jeans. But when Bekah picked this black skirt, striped shirt and flats – an outfit that isn’t that dressy, but enough to qualify for today – I was happy. Plus, what’s  better than medicine when you’re not feeling well? A really cute outfit and just in case you haven’t already gathered that I really like this outfit, let me make myself clear:  I REALLY like this outfit.
Will I wear this again? Absolutely.
Last night when Bri picked my outfit she asked if I had anything to do today. I said, “I have an eye appointment,” to which she responded, “I hope your eye doctor is hot!” When I got back this morning I told her my eye doctor was not hot, he was old. The remainder of my day was spent in my room, aside from the trip to Ada’s Kitchen for lunch. But it’s not a bad outfit to lounge around and do homework in (or procrastinate and watch Grey’s). The skirt is another piece of clothing I have not worn since August and the shirt belongs to Bri, but I loved this outfit! Probably my favorite so far and a beautiful day for it, much warmer than yesterday. I will say this though, I don’t really enjoy being photographed, so I’m glad there’s only one more day of that.
By Bekah Kinney, Bri Loomis and Jessica Tower
Edited by Amber Cekander

Only one more day to go, but anything can happen. Make sure you check back tomorrow to see the final outfits and overall reflections!

*all photos provided by the participants and used with permission*


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