SAU Bible Studies

By: Merry Castle

In-person chapel is canceled, face-to-face interaction is limited, and the stress of this school year is finally catching up to us. What we need now more than ever is a connection to the Spirit and fellowship with other Christ-followers. Here are several Bible studies available on campus to help you get your Jesus fix.

The Human Condition and God’s Nature

The Human Condition and God’s Nature is run by Spiritual Life Leader Ryan Northup. The Bible study is for students living in Andrews Hall.

“It is about focusing on certain aspects of people and God illustrated throughout the Psalms,” said Northup. “I hope that people will learn from my Bible study that people are not perfect, but we should always be inspired by God’s character.”

Northup wants his Bible study to be a place where Christians of all stages of faith feel welcome and comfortable.

“I want people to know that at my Bible study, there is nothing wrong with bringing up our questions and doubts,” said Northup.

The Human Condition and God’s Nature meets on Thursday nights from 9 PM to 10 PM. The Bible study will continue to meet on Zoom after Thanksgiving Break. Students can find the Zoom link on the SAU App under the Spiritual Life tile or contact Northrup at for more information.

Journeying Through James

Journeying Through James is a Bible study led by Andrew Phelps and Jessica Pepper. Phelps said anyone is welcome to join the group “guy, girl, freshman through senior.”

Phelps said each of the five chapters of James are separated into two sections. During the meeting, they read through and discuss one or two of these sections.

He hopes the members will learn that there is always room to grow as Christians. Also, he hopes they learn the benefit of studying scripture together and the community that is built around that.

“We also hope those who come will learn that Scripture is just as true today as it was in biblical times,” said Phelps. “There are so many similarities between the passages we read, meant for the ancient audience, and our own lives today.”

The Bible study meets Thursday evenings from 7:30 to 8:30 PM in the upper level of Lowell.

“Unfortunately, we will not be continuing after Thanksgiving break,” said Phelps. “But we hope to offer more opportunities for similar types of studies next semester.”

For more information, students can contact Andrew Phelps at or Jessica Pepper at

Freshman Girls’ Bible Study

The Freshman Girls’ Bible Studyis led by Spiritual Life Leader Lilli Keehn. It covers the Gospel of John. Freshman girls from both Gainey and Lowell are invited to join.

“My hope for people in my Bible study has been that they learn more about Jesus and his heart,” said Keehn. “I’ve hoped that they would be able to continue to solidify their faith and grow in it while having real and authentic conversations with everyone else in the group.”

Keehn said there isn’t a strict outline for the Bible study every week. “Instead of lecturing or preaching a message every week, I’ve tried my best to make our group time an open space and allow everyone to feel comfortable sharing what’s on their heart and what they were receiving from the part of Scripture we went over,” said Keehn. “All while having a type of guideline to go off of for me to make sure we don’t rabbit trail too far!”

The Bible study meets on Tuesdays at 7 PM in Lowell Lobby. Keehn said that she is still undecided if the Bible study will continue to meet on Zoom after Thanksgiving break.

Students can contact Lilli Keehn at for more information.