A New Look: SAU Student’s YouTube Channel

YouTube makeup tutorial channel JadaKaay is run by Spring Arbor University Senior Jada Kyle.

By: Sarah Williams

SAU Senior, Jada Kyle, runs the YouTube channel JadaKaay. She does makeup tutorial videos. Kyle’s most recent video was a Halloween Bat Wing Look.

Video provided by JadaKaay. Posted on November 13th, the video already has 47 views.

Kyle said she mainly gets requests to do simple makeup looks, but occasionally does dramatic styles as well. She hopes her audience learns some makeup skills and how to be creative.

She started the channel as something fun to do in quarantine this past summer and as a way to showcase her looks. Her friends encouraged her to start a channel so other people could see her makeup skills.

Kyle struggled with starting the YouTube channel at first.

Photo provided by Jada Kyle.

“I had a little bit of nervousness for some reason,” Kyle said. “I knew that I always wanted to do it. But I was like, I don’t even know if people were going to watch me…but a way that I overcame that was just saying if people were going to support me, they are going to support me. And I will just do it for the people who are watching me.”

She learned to be creative and consistent. The consistency helps motivate Kyle to post more videos.

In the future, Kyle hopes the channel could become a side job. She wants to branch out to hair, lifestyle, and travel videos. She is currently applying the makeup onto herself, but in the future, she would like to do other peoples’ makeup and hair.

“I just hope that it can grow enough that I can be able to see myself as I see other YouTubers now,” Kyle said.

Kyle’s next video may be about her Guatemala trip she took last semester. She will showcase what she did there in a vlog style.

She learned about makeup from watching her mother when she was younger. During her freshman year of high school, she started to get into YouTube videos and trending makeup styles.

“Watching my mom and aunt really inspired me to really get into it. I wanted to be creative and be able to enhance my looks like that,” Kyle said.

Watching other YouTube videos helped Kyle with her own videos. They gave her the basic steps of how to start her channel.

When Kyle gets an idea of a makeup look, she records the tutorial using her iPhone and a ring light. She considers this the easy part. She does the editing on her iPhone or laptop. The editing takes a long time and a lot of planning. She struggled with finding uncopyrighted music. It takes Kyle hours to apply her makeup, but the video will only end up being around 10 minutes. After uploading the video, she promotes it on her Instagram and Facebook.

Kyle uses makeup from both Sephora and Ulta, but her favorite is Ulta because it is more affordable and inclusive.

To anyone who wants to start a YouTube channel, Kyle says:

 “The biggest thing I would say is to believe in yourself no matter who supports you because if it something that you really want to do, whoever really wants to support you will support you. And just be confident in yourself and just be consistent is really major. Be consistent and confident in yourself and everything else will follow.”

Jada Kyle

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