Upcoming SAU Events

Erin Scroggs, the SGA Director of Events, shares what students can expect.

SGA is working hard planning events for the student body. They are curating new events and bringing back some fan favorites. Erin Scroggs, the SGA Director of Events, shares what students can expect.

Scroggs mentioned that each SGA department has different event planning responsibilities. “The Events team is hoping to have some of the fan favorites like 80s Skate Night and Glow Bowl,” said Scroggs.

The Spiritual Life department is planning other events. “They are looking to host Your Gift for His Glory where people can perform their talents that they use to glorify God,” said Scroggs.

 Scroggs mentioned that the Intramural department is exploring new event ideas. “They are looking to have more tournament style events,” said Scroggs. “They plan to hopefully have a return of some of the team sports that people know and love.”

The Office of Intercultural Relations (OIR) department of SGA has been hosting movie nights that highlight different cultures and plan to continue to do so.

Scroggs hopes that these events will help students build community on campus. “The goal of all of these events is just to give students an opportunity to come together, have fun, and build community,” said Scroggs. “Our school becomes better when we are intentional to get involved and build community.”   

Scroggs said these events are still being discussed and are not necessarily set in stone yet. “My recommendation for students is to keep an eye on the events tab of the SAU app and pay attention to the posters around campus,” said Scroggs.

By: Merry Castle

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