Keeping Our Words Beautiful

Speak with kindness, share love, and remember to keep your words beautiful.

What does it mean to keep our words beautiful? Is it just a pretty saying to write out and never talk about? It it just something we say so that it seems like we care? No. It is so much more than that. Words are so extremely important and they do in fact affect us deeply. Words are a direct reflection of what is on our heart. There are two parts to this conversation: what our words say about us as individuals and how our words affect others. I will be breaking these discussions down below.


Words are more important than most people might think. Words make up our languages and our thought processes. Words are how we communicate to others, how we speak up for ourselves, and how we share what’s on our mind. When we lash out and say things that are not kind, it affects us inside more than we know. Have you heard the saying “hurt people hurt people?” 

That is so true. When something upsets us and our first response is to get angry and attack somebody else, our words convey that that is how we are feeling on the inside. Our words can either help or hinder our attitudes. Depending on which choice you choose, that is how you will be affected.

When we get defensive and attack other people, our insecurities are showing. When we respond with kindness and love, our confidence is showing. Which one will you choose to show?

Defensiveness is an interesting and complex facet of this discussion, partly because we all get defensive when we feel attacked or threatened. When we lash out with our insecurities, it is quite obvious and makes it very clear to the people around you what is going on. When we express kindness, it makes us appear confident in who we are. Our words have a profound effect on us and how we come across to other people.

Below are some ways to see what our words say about us and how they can affect us.

  • Words define our thoughts.
  • Words define what we feel on the inside.
  • Words can make us look like the bigger person, or the smaller person.
  • Words can convey specific messages.
  • Words can affect how we feel after we say them.


This seems to be quite obvious. Hurtful words not only affect ourselves, but also the people that we say them to. Watch your words and make sure that you aren’t reacting out of anger, because that off-handed statement that you made when you were upset can stick with someone for a lifetime. I know this all too well. I’ve done it before and I’ve had it done to me. It doesn’t feel good, from either party.

Instead of just blaming the other person, use it as a time to reflect on yourself as well and how you can do better in your own statements that were unkind. After all, we don’t have to answer for other people’s words. Only our own.


I truly hope this post helped you if you find yourself struggling with wanting to lash out when someone has hurt you, or if you have lashed out and hurt people with words as well. Our words are so important and it is necessary to pay attention to them. Speak with kindness, share love, and remember to keep your words beautiful.

Author: Emily Selby

Welcome to my blog, a place where I will be talking about a few of the things I am passionate about. I’ve always loved fashion and I will be showing you my personal style and some fashion tips that I’ve learned along the way. I’ve also grown to love home decor and have taken after my mom and her love of interior design. My goal is to create content that will be inspirational to all of you! Thanks for stopping by!

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