Why You Should Join the Pulse: A Staff Perspective by Emily Selby

Why should you join the Pulse? 

You should join the Pulse if you are interested in journalism, writing, or just broadening your experiences. As a writer on the Pulse, you will have opportunities to interview peers and faculty, write engaging stories, and get to know other like-minded writers. If any of this interests you, it may be worth your while to join our team. 

How has the Pulse helped you to use your voice? 

The Pulse has helped me use my voice by encouraging the broadening of my worldview. I am able to write about topics and events that I am interested in and can use my voice to help others. 

Feeling heard is so important. How does working on the Pulse make you feel heard? 

Working on the Pulse makes me feel heard in that I feel like I am able to speak my mind. While no one will agree with everything that is said, I have the ability to feel heard because I am encouraged to write and share. I feel as if my stance on a topic truly matters and that everyone should be able to speak up when needed. 

What opportunities has the Pulse given you that you might not have had otherwise? 

One of the opportunities that the Pulse has given me is getting out of my comfort zone. Without the Pulse, I wouldn’t necessarily talk to the different professors that I have interviewed. It is also growing my leadership skills as I work as the editor and lead short meetings every week. There are dozens of opportunities at the Pulse, from learning to be a better writer to broadening your worldview.