Giving Confident Grace

Grace is something that I really want to work on for myself and I want to talk about it here first. So, what is confident grace? I would describe this as showing grace in a confident manner. This can be shown in two ways: giving grace without substituting your confidence and exhibiting confidence without substituting grace. 

In this post, I want to share the words that I hope to implement more into my everyday life. I love the idea of starting fresh and making some important and necessary changes when needed. 


What is generous grace? One of the areas that I hope to work on this year is giving the grace that I want to receive. I oftentimes find myself being quick to anger or frustrated with others when they act in a way that I don’t understand. Even when they are in the wrong, I am aiming to adjust my reactions so that I can improve my own life. I won’t have to answer for anyone else’s actions but my own, so I want to act accordingly.

Grace is something that we can give to those that might not deserve it, but it can help us from keeping all of those feelings of frustration from destroying us. There will always be people and things that frustrate us, but we don’t have to let them dictate our lives. 

I hope this post was beneficial in giving you encouragement to overcome your own frustrations as well. Choose grace, kindness, and love whenever possible. 

By: Emily Selby