5 Things to Restore Your Faith in SAU’s Humanity


Photo by Nate Bortz
Photo by Nate Bortz

It was Monday, and we all know what happened on Monday. I was in the library being a good little barista and caffeinating the campus when I heard about the bomb threat. Being in the library I, of course, overheard the news and I overheard it from one guy leaning over a computer console and saying “Yeah man, when I heard that, I lost all faith in humanity.”

I thought that statement was sad, whatever they were talking about. It wouldn’t be for a few minutes until I heard about the threat. And it wouldn’t be for a few days until I learned the threat had taken the childish form of a handwritten sticky note taped to the church front door.

So yes, the silverware was stolen. White auditorium has been vandalized. A threatening sticky note appeared in the early morning. These things get at us, they seep into our consciousness and solidify into little wedges of doubt. I want to fight that, we need to fight that or else these self-absorbed pranks stay focused upon the doers. So I give you five things to restore your faith in SAU’s Humanity.

1)     That Art Show, Though.

SAU just hosted a Small College Invitational Art Show and SAU students took all but one category prize! You can read about this art show here on the Pulse page.

2)     Chapel still happened.

Yes, the bomb threat shook everyone up. Yes the speaker wasn’t there and it was hosted in the RCF, which holding-wise, was like hosting the Republican Convention in an anthill, but the show went on. Some people have said this only happened because it was Arbor Days, which could have been true, but students didn’t show up because it was Arbor Days. It still happened and that anthill was packed!

3)     SAU Handing Out Checks
In order to help students who want to go back to school (and er, incentivize them to go to SAU) the campus is handing out $250 checks to adult students newly attending satellite schools this semester. Way to lend to a hand!

4)     Students Are Giving Back Too

A group of students recently sent out an e-mail in an attempt to found a new scholarship in coalition with the alumni foundation. Some of the plans are still under wraps, but these people are typing their fingers off in e-mails to make sure future students have a little extra help to make college happen.

5)     Spring is Coming/ Spring is here

What does this have to do with humanity, well Spring Break may leave the campus vacant, but that week is also forecasted to be the weather shift of the season, warming up out of winter. And do you know what that means? SAU will soon shine in all i’s community glory on the plaza with students reading outside, playing plaza ball, and doing what we do best: not freezing.

By Alexandra Harper

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