Roommates Choose Each Others Outfits: Day 1

Three Spring Arbor University (SAU) students decided to let their roommates pick their outfits for this week. Naturally, “The Pulse” is tagging along to see what happens. If you haven’t read the introduction post yet, click here to do so!

Day 1: the Hipster™ Look



Today’s outfit was picked out by Bri. She chose a striped skirt, white shirt, navy blue jacket and brown oxfords. There are no words to adequately describe the anxiety I felt knowing  she was riffling through my closet (and the closet of our roommate) to put together a “hipster” outfit. This was like some crazy trust exercise. When Bri showed me the pieces she had artfully selected, I thought it was a cute outfit, just not for me. It was finally morning and time to get dressed. I had to admit  the outfit was cute. I spent the morning feeling uncomfortable wearing something  I wouldn’t have picked out on my own. Fortunately, the more the day went on, the more I fell in love with my outfit of the day. By the time the day was over, the only down side I could think of was that the skirt wasn’t mine.



If you haven’t noticed recently, SAU students love their half buns and half buns love SAU students. Seriously, they’re everywhere! Now, I’m not knocking them – believe me, I’m not – but when Jess first suggested  I wear my hair in a half bun, I cringed. I’ve tried them before and due to the lovely forehead I’ve been graced with, they just don’t work. Not to mention they fall out of my hair and end up resembling something like a slightly under-cooked curly fry. You know, the kind where it’s still in a hair tie and therefore has some bun-like dimensions, but most of it has slowly unraveled. Nevertheless, I tried to do as Jess said and put it up, but as you can see from the picture – I’m bunless. Let’s just say it was a slightly undercooked curly fry kind of day.

The outfit, however, I loved right from the get go. It was simple, cute and made me feel BA. Always a good sign, right? The only downside was  the tights and boots were more for a cold winter day and therefore, I was hot – all day. Overall I liked it, though, and will definitely wear it again.



I bought this jumper over the summer and have not worn it since…until now. I wasn’t sure how to rock this particular piece in my wardrobe, but Bekah figured that out. I loved this outfit and felt super comfortable in it. Would I have worn it had Bekah not chosen it? Probably not. Would I wear it again? Absolutely. Except the heels. I rarely wear heels. When I do, they’re off in about 2.5 seconds (I took them off every chance I got). Also, stairs. If heels weren’t elevated enough, stairs add a whole new level to walking. Then there’s my roommate. She was at least two feet ahead of me all day. So, aside from the struggles of my unpracticed walking in heels, this outfit was great.

By Bekah Kinney, Bri Loomis and Jessica Tower

Edited by Amber Cekander

Day 1 has been completed but tomorrow is a new day and anything can happen!

*all photos provided by the participants and used with permission*