Why You Should Join the Pulse: A Staff Perspective by Merry Castle

  1. Why should you join the Pulse?

I recommend joining the Pulse because it is an excellent opportunity to hone your writing skills, make new friends, and meet new people. Writing for the Pulse has also allowed me to become more involved on campus — I attend more events, speak to more people, and am generally more attentive to what is going on around campus. Plus, joining the Pulse is a great way to gain experience that can spruce up your resume and help you land a job in the future.

  1. How has the Pulse helped you to use your voice?

The Pulse has been a great opportunity for me to use my voice. As a freshman, I used to feel like my voice didn’t really matter or that I didn’t have anything worthwhile to say. Joining the Pulse has made me realize that my voice does matter and that I can use it to elevate and share others’ stories.

  1. Feeling heard is so important. How does working on the Pulse make you feel heard?

Feeling heard is incredibly important, and the Pulse definitely gives me an opportunity to discuss the topics I find important and relevant. More importantly, I feel that the Pulse helps me allow other’s voices to be heard. I get to share people’s personal stories, their passions, their convictions, and their hopes and dreams. I get the genuine pleasure of being a mouthpiece so that other people’s voices and stories can be heard.

  1. What opportunities has the Pulse given you that you might not have had otherwise?

The Pulse has given me amazing opportunities that I might not have had otherwise. I am an English major with a professional writing minor, so I tend to be an introverted bookworm. Since joining the Pulse, I have gained confidence in my writing abilities and stepped outside of my comfort zone to interview my fellow students as well as professors and staff. Additionally, it has helped me build my writing portfolio, publish my work, make connections, and learn more about journalism as a profession. I am learning to simplify my writing, edit my work and the work of others, communicate in a professional setting, and work on a deadline. Overall, the Pulse has helped to gain real experience that will prepare me for the future regardless of what career I choose.

By: Merry Castle