Willy Wonka and Valentine’s Day themed Contest Ends Quickly

The contest was meant to last till Valentine’s day, but the cookies were too amazing.

All 10 golden tickets for the Cougar Den Sweetheart Ticket contest had been found sooner than expected. The contest had started at the beginning of spring semester and lasted to the start of February.

Image of Cougar Den’s hardworking manager: Barbie

Cougar Den manager, Barbie, said she thought the contest would last until Valentine’s day. She had named it “Sweetheart Tickets” because of that. The supplies of cookies and cupcakes sold out. After all the tickets were found and the cinnamon rolls were left, she gave the rolls out as extras for the meal exchanges in the Cougar Den.

She was asked to do a couple of specials by their directors. Barbie created the contest after being inspired by Willy Wonka’s golden ticket. In containers of cookies, cinnamon rolls, or cupcakes, there was a ticket. Either it said “Sorry, try again” or it was a winner.

Barbie said the winners had to bring her their tickets and she gave them a $10 gift card to Sacred Grounds.

This photo of Bray Austin was supplied by Bray Austin for this amazing story.

One of the winners was Bray Austin who won on his second try. Austin had been hanging out in his favorite spot, the Cougar Den, around dinner. He wanted some snacks and Barbie told him about the contest. He bought a cinnamon roll. When he didn’t win, he thought “those cookies look pretty good.” He bought one and opened it up to find a ticket stating ‘congratulations’.

Austin said it felt very rewarding to win because he goes to the Sacred Grounds often. He had already spent half of the prize on a Caramel Macchiato with extra caramel. He is waiting for the right time to spend the rest.

Out of all the desserts, Austin said his favorite was the sugar cookies.

“I know Barbie makes all her deserts homemade, so it made me feel at home, which is nice. The sugar cookies and the cookies in general were just amazing,” Austin said.

John Kappler won multiple times. He had given his extra ticket to one of his friends. Rachel Penning found a winning ticket in a cinnamon roll.

Barbie doesn’t know if the contest will be done next year. It will depend on who her director is.

By: Sarah Williams

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