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Squirrels and Spiritual Life: SAU’s New Biology Professor Katie Weakland

By Grace Archer Spring Arbor University’s (SAU) newest associate professor of biology Cathy (Katie) Weakland has arrived, bringing with her an enthusiasm for both spiritual life and the campus squirrels. While serving as a professor at Bethel College in Indiana, Weakland was involved in projects like landscape ecology, studying owls and fox squirrels. She often spent her class periods trapping and tagging the squirrels to

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Education professor and basketball coach: John M. Williams IV

By Crisilee DeBacker To a Spring Arbor University (SAU) student, the name “John Williams” could mean two things: “Associate Professor of Education” John Williams Jr (also known as Biggs), or “that guy who composed the Star Wars soundtrack” John Williams. Now, there is a third. John M. Williams IV fills three roles at SAU. He is the Coordinator of Elementary Education, an Assistant Professor of Education and the Assistant

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Chemistry and the fingerprints of God: How new chemistry professor found SAU

By Caralyn Geyer For college students, it can be typical to wonder, “How in the world did I get here?” Many students question life and seek answers to thought-provoking questions, searching for purpose and meaning throughout those first few years. It can leave many students asking themselves, “Does anyone else feel the way that I do?” Michael Nydegger asked himself these same questions as a college student at Southwest State University in Minnesota. Looking back, he said he never would have pictured

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Sioux spears, Curious George poems and a scary-looking dissertation: an inside look at Carol Green’s office

By Kayla Williamson Across from the President’s office and past three cubicles lies the office of a Texan who likes snow. Inside, you can find an array of history books including an intimidating leather binder-bound version of a dissertation. Leaning against the shelves of books sits a Sioux spear. Framed on the desk are pictures of three girls and a Curious George quote about adventuring into the unknown.

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Pranks, Pizza and Preaching: When Faculty were Freshmen

By Luke Richardson and Emily Spencer Finding out some of our professors went to Spring Arbor University (SAU) as college students is like that time in first grade when you found out your teacher doesn’t actually live at school. Here are some stories from when professors and faculty really did live at school. Mary Darling, Associate Professor of Communication    Mary Darling transferred to Spring Arbor for her second year of college and did not know what to expect. “It was the

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